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Hyundai LausGroup currently has four strategic dealerships in the provinces of Bulacan, Dagupan, La Union and Ilocos Norte. The partnership with the popular Korean auto brand dates back to 2005 with the inauguration of Hyundai Dagupan.

Following fold was the opening of Hyundai Baliwag in 2008.

Further up north, the Hyundai La Union and Hyundai Ilocos Norte were established in 2011.

In 2013, Hyundai Baliwag moved to its present location and was reinvented as Hyundai's newest Center of Excellence. It was inaugurated last 29th of November 2013.

Over the years, Hyundai LausGroup has reaped various prestigious recognitions and awards. The most recent of which is Hyundai Baliwag’s Award of Excellence in After-Sales Service for 2014.