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Haima Philippines

With close to thirty years of history built on Japanese-Inspired Technology, European influenced designs, China’s modern innovations, intensive research and international bar of manufacturing standards, Haima has been steadily building its name from China to the rest of the world.

In late 2009, Haima rolled onto Philippine roads through one of the Philippines’ largest auto dealership network---the trusted and respected LausAutoGroup. A global brand with a local touch.Its arrival in Central Luzon revolutionized the local automotive industry, sparking a game changing trend.

Soon on its sixth year in the Philippines, 8 Haima dealerships are operating from the province of Pampanga, moving outward up to the north: Haima Cars Pampanga, Haima Cars Dau, Haima Cars Baguio, Haima Cars Bataan, Haima Cars Baliwag, Haima Cars Calasiao and Haima Cars Urdaneta.

Haima’s reasonably priced vehicles give discerning Filipino customers more options and a wider selection to enjoy Haima's latest technology and distinct driving dynamics with excellent safety features.